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At Nuts Enough, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and integrity in all our products. As part of this commitment, we ensure that our nut butters are Halal certified, adhering to the strict guidelines and principles set forth by JAKIM.

  • Sourcing of Ingredients
    We source our ingredients from reputable suppliers who guarantee that their products are Halal-compliant. Our nuts and other raw materials are free from any prohibited substances and are processed in a manner that meets Halal requirements.
  • Production Process
    Our production facility is dedicated to maintaining a Halal-compliant environment. Non-Halal products/items are prohibited in our facility. Our equipment and utensils are regularly cleaned and sanitised according to Halal standards.
  • Certification
    Certification Our products undergo rigorous Halal certification processes conducted by JAIS. We regularly review and renew our certifications to ensure compliance with Halal regulations.
  • Staff Training
    Staff Training We provide comprehensive training to our staff on Halal principles and practices, ensuring that they are knowledgeable and committed to upholding our Halal standards.

Our Halal policy is a testament to our dedication to providing our customers with products that delight their taste buds and respect their cultural and religious values. At Nuts Enough, you can indulge in the goodness of our nut butter with the assurance that it meets the highest Halal standards.

Bahasa Malaysia:

Nuts Enough berkomited untuk mempertahankan standard kualiti dan integriti tertinggi dalam semua produk kami. Kami memastikan mentega kacang kami adalah disahkan Halal, mematuhi garis panduan dan prinsip yang ketat yang ditetapkan oleh JAKIM.

  • Sumber Bahan
    Bahan-bahan kami diperolehi daripada pembekal yang bereputasi dan mematuhi prinsip Halal. Kacang kami dan bahan mentah lain bebas daripada sebarang bahan terlarang dan diproses mengikuti prinsip Halal.
  • Proses Pengeluaran
    Premis pengeluaran kami sentiasa memastikan persekitaran yang mematuhi prinsip Halal. Produk/barangan bukan Halal adalah dilarang di premis kami. Peralatan kami dibersih dan disanitasi secara berkala mengikuti prinsip Halal.
  • Pensijilan
    Premis dan produk kami menjalani proses pensijilan Halal yang ketat yang dijalankan oleh JAIS. Kami sentiasa memperbaharui pensijilan supaya mematuhi peraturan Halal.
  • Latihan Kakitangan
    Latihan Kakitangan Kami menyediakan latihan komprehensif kepada kakitangan kami mengenai prinsip dan amalan Halal, supaya mereka berpengetahuan dan komited untuk mempertahankan polisi Halal kami.

Polisi Halal kami adalah bukti dedikasi kami untuk menyediakan produk yang berintegriti dan berkualiti tinggi supaya dapat meningkatkan lagi keyakinan pelanggan dan menghormati nilai budaya dan agama semua.

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